What size would you like?

Let us put it plainly: Our programmes are the best in the industry.

We have a repertoire of more than 200 of our own song arrangements in a wide range of genres – musical theatre, pop, rock, swing, ballads and up-tempo. Thanks to our high level of creativity, our love of challenges, and our desire to create something new, we are always coming up with additional brand-new arrangements.

Our Forte: Individuality

We have no ready-made programmes. We offer bespoke solutions according to your needs, your occasion and your audience. This allows you to host unique, tailor-made musical acts of the highest quality.

Option 1: Bronze (not possible for every kind of show)
One to two soloists with piano or unplugged accompaniment
(piano | bass or guitar | drums)
Option 2: Silber
Two to three soloists | five-piece band
Option 3: Gold
Three to five soloists | large, ten-piece band
Option 4: Platinum
Five soloists | large, ten-piece band | three backing singers and, where appropriate, dancers and acrobats